Adventure and Zipline Park on Igueldo Mountain.



The city's first zip-line park has arrived to Donostia San Sebastián. A route among pine forest awaits you from the highest point of the city and with the most impressive views of the bay of La Concha and the Cantabrian Sea. What's more, the sensation of height from our zip lines and platforms is multiplied by the fact that we are located at the top of Mount Igueldo.


The idea dates back to a few years ago when, on a trip to Costa Rica, we discovered the country's love of zip-lines and adventure and nature companies. There, the term canopy is widespread and people are quick to associate it with tree tours. Canopy refers to the tree canopy or roof of branches and leaves that make up the canopy of a group of trees.

Come and visit us! Fun is guaranteed.


We are a park for all kinds of public. It is not an extreme activity. With a medium difficulty, you will be able to do it even if it is the first time you put on a harness. The most important thing is to come with the desire to have fun. Come with your family, with your group of friends, with your classmates, with your company.

The only requirement is that you must be at least 1.40 m tall.




1What is the activity about?

Canopy Donosti Aventura has two circuits through the trees:

  • Canopy Circuit: Consisting of 14 ziplines and 3 challenges or obstacles. A 420-metre route through the heights.
  • Adventure Circuit: Made up of 9 challenges or obstacles and 3 ziplines.

2Is it suitable for all ages?

To be able to do the activity safely, it is necessary to be 1.40m tall.(4,6 feet)

Children up to 11 years old must be accompanied by an adult or by 15-17 year old children during the circuits.

3How long does the activity take?

If you do the whole park (two circuits), the activity has a total estimated duration of 1h30min.

There is the option of doing just one circuit, in which case the activity would be completed in approximately 1 hour.

However, the times are estimates, the duration is closely linked to the characteristics of each person. In any case, this is an enjoyable experience in which the time taken is relatively important.

4What if it rains during the activity?

The tours can be done even if it rains. We open our doors to the public. It is the client who must make the decision to do the activity before starting it. We are only obliged to close our facilities if there are stormy showers or strong gusts of wind. In such cases, the customer will be notified in advance.

5Do I have to book in advance?

It is highly recommended to make a reservation before coming to visit us. Otherwise, immediate availability is not guaranteed upon arrival. You can find out how to reserve on the booking form.

6Do I have to pay for access to the Amusement Park?

Yes, we are located in the private monumental enclosure of the Parque de Atracciones del Monte Igeldo. Anyone wishing to enter the park must currently pay 2.50 euros.

But you can also get to our park on the Funicular train. In which case, only the train ticket will be charged.

Enjoy Nature at Igeldo Mountain!